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Web Designers?

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Everyone and their dog seems to be a ‘web designer’ these days. There’s no doubt that technology has made it easier for people to create a website, and you’re bound to know a friend of a friend who can knock you up a website for next to nothing. You may ask – ‘what is the difference between a professional web designer, and that guy I know who can do me a website on the cheap?’. Good question – I hope I can help explain a little…

Here it is in a nutshell… A website is much more than what you see on the screen. The code behind the scenes is just as, if not more, important. There are good and bad ways to code a website. Good websites are built using clean readable code, that complies to W3C standards (for accessibility), are SEO optimised, and allow search engine spiders to ‘crawl’ through the site in order to index them. Bad websites use sloppy bloated code, and perform badly on search engines (eg. Google), and fail to meet web standards. Professional web designers know how to build good websites using clean code. This is the reason they are professional – it’s a skill. Sadly, the friend of a friend is unlikely to understand what good code is, and will end up creating a bad website, not worth the time of day. This is the reason they’re not professionals.

So, if you want a good website that has been coded properly and designed and built to your specifications – get in touch with a professional first.