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Freelance front-end web developer, with back-end skills.

I love HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AngularJS, WordPress and PHP. Marrying clean, simple and effective design with cutting edge technology is what I enjoy. I’ve been lucky enough to produce work for University of York, Disney, Pixar, HSBC, Nokia, and ASDA to name a few.

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Recent Projects

A few examples of recent work. If you would like to see examples of my freelancing work, please drop me an email and I'll send some over.

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Journal Pieces

A collection of recent digital thoughts on web design, web development, and all things digital.

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  • I Love SASS

    CSS3. Development.


    No, not the kind of sass that means ‘insolent or impudent talk or behaviour’ – that’s hard to love. The SASS that I love is the kind that extends CSS3…

  • Using JSON to access recently played tracks

    Development. JavaScript.


    If you take a look at the footer, you can see which song I’m listening to/listened to last. I’m achieving this by accessing the API using jQuery and JSON….

  • Website Refresh 2013

    Design. Development.


    It’s been 2 years since the last refresh! A lot has happened in the world of web since then. For one, responsive web design is now a valuable skill,…